Blog | November 02, 2023

Swift Check-in Integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud to Tackle Widespread Construction Overruns

The integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud gives construction teams enhanced visibility at the job site and increased budgetary control through precise tracking of onsite hours

Melbourne, Sydney — Swift Check-in by DBSystems, a popular app for construction worksite management and compliance, today announced a new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. This integration marks a significant milestone for Swift Check-in, whose QR-code site management solution helps address one of the construction industry’s most persistent challenges: project overruns.

Now, project managers can monitor personnel-related budget developments from Swift Check-in directly inside Autodesk® Build or BIM 360® Project Home dashboards, giving teams more data to help keep projects on budget.

One of the major issues plaguing the construction industry is the rate at which projects exceed their budgets, a situation known as project overrun. Industry reports suggest that up to 80% of construction projects suffer from budget overruns due to poor tracking and communication, and cumbersome documentation procedures. This problem is compounded as many construction companies and contractors still rely on manual data entry for their project management and documentation needs. Now, with Swift Check-in and the Swift Check-in Partner Card for Autodesk Construction Cloud, project managers can boost efficiency, budgetary control, and government compliance.

Swift Check-in has long been a cost-effective solution for contractors looking to streamline their site management and compliance processes. By leveraging automated compliance checks and real-time geo-location tracking during check-ins and check-outs, Swift Check-in ensures a seamless and efficient workflow. Contractors leveraging Autodesk Construction Cloud can now also enjoy the benefits of real-time notifications and suspicious check-in alerts, enhancing site security and project oversight.

DBSystems founder and CEO, Boney Mylady, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, stating, "Our integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud is a game-changer for the construction industry. We've listened to our clients and are excited to be a part of a broader ecosystem of solutions that address the industry's most pressing challenges. With Swift Check-in becoming part of the Autodesk Partner Ecosystem, we're providing clients a comprehensive toolset to tackle personnel and documentation-related project overruns head-on."

“Ensuring precise alignment between the field and office is crucial to keeping projects on schedule and within budget,” said James Cook, director – industry & technology partnerships at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Showing field personnel data from Swift Check-in alongside essential construction data in Autodesk Construction Cloud is yet another way our ecosystem of integrations strengthens that alignment.”

In an industry where efficiency and cost control are paramount, the integration promises to redefine how projects are planned, executed, and managed. With Swift Check-in’s cutting-edge technology, the construction industry is taking steps toward overcoming its most persistent challenges.

Project teams can use the integration immediately by adding the Swift Check-inPartner Card to their Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard.

For more information on Swift Check-in and its integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud, please visit our website or the Autodesk integration page at

About Swift Check-in by DBSystems

Swift Check-in by DBSystems is an Australian-based company that offers a QR Code-Based Check-In/Check-Out System for Construction Worksite Management. Combining SaaS software with a mobile app, Swift Check-in provides contractors with an all-in-one solution for site management, featuring automated compliance checks, real-time geolocation tracking, and cost effective contractor check-ins via QR codes.

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