Building better, faster and smarter with EzyBuild

EzyBuild understands the complexities of managing construction sites. Through its 12 robust features, EzyBuild enhances the construction management process by reducing downtime and preventing cost overruns.

The New Age Software to Erase All the Delays


Unveiling the useful features of EzyBuild to tackle the ever challenging construction worksite management issues.

QR code-based Check-In and Check-Out

Employees can easily scan a QR code at the worksite using their smartphones. Project managers can then monitor the entry and exit of workers in real-time, ensuring efficient tracking of personnel on site.

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Emergency Alert System

In the event of an emergency, project administrators can send an alert message to all or selected workers, track their responses, and act accordingly thereby ensuring a safe worksite.

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Compliance Checks

EzyBuild incorporates robust compliance checks to ensure that the workers consistently meet legal requirements and works within industry standards.

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Time tracking and budget management

Keep a close eye on personnel related work hours and costs associated to stay within the project budget. Also tracks project's time effectively with our user-friendly interface to meet project deadlines.

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Work Progress and Performance Tracking

Stay up-to-date on project progress and track performance with precision using real time data.

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Geolocation Verification

By gathering current location details of the worker, geolocation verification feature ensures that a worker is present at work site before allowing him to check in.

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Suspicious Check-In Alerts

Workers can only check in on EzyBuild when physically present at work. Checking in from outside the premises triggers a suspicious categorization and investigation.

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Check-In and Check-Out Filtering

EzyBuild allows project administrators to keep the record of check-in and check-out details of employees. This record can also be filtered related to a specific task by criteria like employee name, date, time, or project gate.

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Project issue creation and its check-ins

Track the progress of the issue resolution by counting a series of total check-ins

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Daily work limit alerts

Monitor and manage labour hours by making use of daily work limit alerts.

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Manual check-out

A worker can alone perform manual check-out if he is working far away from the check-out gate. It won't affect timesheet of the project budget.

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Unauthorized app users blocking

Safeguard the construction worksite by blocking suspicious check-in users.

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Autodesk's integration of Swift check-in revolutionizes the construction industry by guaranteeing that projects remain on track, proactively identifying risks, and mitigating potential issues. With an unwavering commitment to make sure that cost in terms of labour hours stays within budget and on schedule, this groundbreaking solution also monitors project's daily progress with precision in real time.