Check-In and Check-Out Records: Efficient Data Management of Multiple Projects

From Disorder to Order: EzyBuild's Check-In/Out Records has got your back

Check-in/check-out data filtering facilitates informed decision-making in construction companies.

Easy filtering-out of check-in/check-out details

At a glance, project managers can access the comprehensive digital records of employee check-in and check-out data for several projects. The details can also be filtered in a wide range by employee name, project, date, time, project gate, etc. Additionally, administrators have the option to export the data to an excel sheet for further verification or reference. It is important to note that even if the project is completed, the data is retained for the data retention period determined by the organization.

Serves as Digital Records

Employee check-in and check-out software serves as a digital repository of documentation records within organizations. These records contain a detailed employee attendance log, allowing project administrators to track work hours and patterns. By leveraging this data, administrators can verify employee involvement in specific projects, reducing disputes and conflicts. Accessing this information helps ensure accountability and transparency in project timelines and workflows. Systematic tracking of this data streamlines administrative tasks and promotes a culture of clarity and efficiency within project management.

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