Automated Document Verification and Safety Checks

EzyBuild's Robust Compliance Checks for Industry Standards

Building compliance, building trust with EzyBuild.

Streamlines the document verification process

Documents that workers submit during initial registration are automatically verified at each check-in. This can be done with the help of document verification software. If any of the required documents are out of date or not present, entry to the site is forbidden. Additionally, project managers can review and download the documents as required. The expedited process ensures compliance with industry standards.

Ensuring compliance through safety checks

EzyBuild enhances the safety check process by automating alerts and notifications, facilitating documentation and reporting, and meeting compliance needs. Project managers can also create or customize safety questionnaires relevant to requirements like site induction, safety training, or PPEs to maintain compliance and regulatory standards at worksites.

Streamline your compliance process with EzyBuild