Emergency Alert System: To Improve Construction Site Safety

Manage your emergencies promptly

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Emergency Alerts act as a Call-To-Action

In the construction industry, emergencies can occur unexpectedly, making it essential for construction sites to have effective emergency management strategies in place. In the event of an emergency, EzyBuild offers a cloud-based solution for project managers to promptly notify or communicate with all the workers or the predefined groups, enabling the workers to record their responses or update their status in real-time as 'safe or unsafe'.

Saves lives and Minimizes Legal Liabilities

Implementation of the construction site emergency alert system not only improves safety but also minimizes potential legal and reputational risks. Ezybuild’s real-time emergency system alerts all workers about potential dangers, emergency evacuations, or safety protocol updates. By having real-time visibility of worker's status, the emergency response team can prioritize their safety proceedings and take necessary actions promptly.

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