Ensuring Worksite Presence: EzyBuild's Geolocation Verification

Geoverification software for reliable work site attendance

EzyBuild geoverification software: The key to successful project management.

Promotes accountability and adherence to work schedules

EzyBuild's geolverification software guarantees that contractors and workers are trying to check in through the correct locations thereby fostering accountability and compliance with work schedules. Through precise monitoring of their whereabouts, project managers can verify the presence of personnel at designated sites, reducing the chance of unauthorized absences that affect productivity. In addition, project managers can also preset the perimeter for work location check-in.

Identify and address any suspicious activity at the worksite

By detecting the failure of check-in at the correct location, geoverification software helps in identifying and addressing any suspicious activity at work site, allows for prompt investigation, ultimately helping to mitigate potential security threats and unauthorized access.

Where accuracy meets efficiency, EzyBuild leads the way.