Manual Check-Out: A Flexible Solution for Distant Locations

An alternative check-out option from EzyBuild's manual check-out software

Enhance accuracy with EzyBuild's real-time manual check-out data.

Saves time and simplifies the check-out process

In instances where a worker is stationed far from the designated check-out gate, EzyBuild provides the flexibility for them to independently perform a manual check-out with their smartphones. This feature allows workers to efficiently end their workday without having to return to the gate, saving time and simplifying the check-out process.

Real-Time Manual Checkout for Accurate Time Tracking and Enhanced Accountability

While obtaining flexibility, the real-time manual checkout preserves the integrity of the project time tracking by ensuring the accuracy of the timesheet calculation. Moreover, it enables project managers to ensure that employees follow work schedules and procedures.

Avoid the undesired return time with a simple manual check-out software.