Driving Quality Construction Projects: Project Issue Creation and Tracking

Identifying and Managing Project Challenges

Ensures timely resolution and minimizes project disruptions.

For Maintaining Quality Assurance

EzyBuild serves as a platform for project managers to raise and assess the status of any project issues. By using project issue tracking software, construction teams can detect quality-related challenges early in the process and take swift actions to rectify these problems thereby assuring high standards. Ignoring quality control can lead to devastating long-term impacts, including costly rework, harm to the company's reputation, and potential legal troubles.

Assess the effectiveness of problem-solving

EzyBuild provides valuable insights by monitoring the number of check-ins and costs linked to each project issue. This data allows project administrators to gauge the level of attention and resources being devoted to resolving the issue. By quantifying this information, project administrators can evaluate the effectiveness of problem-solving efforts and pinpoint any bottlenecks or delays.

Access real-time data regarding the status of each issue.