Simple yet Efficient: QR Codes for Error-Free Check-In/Out

Eliminates paperwork hassles and simplifies attendance processes

EzyBuild makes the whole site check-in/check-out process contactless and hygienic.

Avoid the delay and save time with a single scan

Checking in and out with EzyBuild's QR code-based attendance system only requires a quick scan. When an employee uses their smartphone to check-in to the workplace, a live site data is automatically generated. Project managers can utilize this real-time data to keep tabs on employee attendance and their work hours. Ultimately, EzyBuild enables project managers to streamline day-to-day operations and reduce workload.

Digitally Secure Your Construction Legacy

QR code-based check-in and check-out records eradicate the reliance on cumbersome, outdated pen-and-paper methods. This streamlined approach accelerates the documentation process and also presents a myriad of environmental benefits. By switching to digital documentation, EzyBuild contributes to greener and more environmentally sustainable efforts in the construction industry.

QR code-based attendance system for real-time monitoring of workforce efficiency.