Building Success with automated time tracking and budget management software

Tackles Project Overruns and Delays

Effortlessly track time, effortlessly manage budgets with EzyBuild.

Stay on Budget and Schedule with EzyBuild

Effective budget management is crucial for the success of every construction project. With Ezybuild, site managers can precisely allocate the labour hours and related costs for a budget completion from the outset. The timesheet hours obtained through QR based check ins are automatically recorded against a specific budget.This real time comparison of actual and projected labour hour expenses helps to attain an efficient budgetary control.

Change orders

In construction projects, unforeseen changes can arise at any moment. EzyBuild allows project owners to generate "change orders" when any unfavorable site conditions, or modifications to the project scope occur. These change orders serve as essential records for future reference to handle any potential disputes ensuring transparency and accountability.

Take the stress out of project management with EzyBuild's automated time tracking software solutions.